CRAZY WRITING RESEARCH: Hoping the FBI never comes knocking

BRAINSTORM ENDING WITH UComp dolphin graphicOne of the most common “writer threads” on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram typically deals with crazy online research and writer worries over alarming authorities, being “watched” or even being officially questioned for that research–even though I’ve never seen proof of any of that happening. I’m sure many readers can imagine–given the wide range of genres–some of the topics writers explore–although most people can’t imagine the detailed tangents many of us take as we surrender to our curiosities.

For me, one of the most interesting and engaging aspects of the writing  process–especially my fiction writing–is the research. And honestly I’ve yet to feel more than a mild “chilling effect” when I do some of my more questionable searches.

NEW FRONT COVER AUGUST 2018 WITH SILVER MEDALFor Wendall’s Lullaby–my first novel–most of my research was pretty tame–dolphin social systems, mass strandings and responses, dolphin pathology and some in-depth geography. I did do some detailed research on the U.S. Navy SEALs–tactics, equipment and weapons–as they were the closest model to my fictional Marine Mammal Specific Special Operations Teams (MSOTs). The only research I thought might touch some nerves was looking into the impacts/effects of an explosive in an enclosed space–both on the human body and the other objects in the room.

Delphys Rising screenshotFor my current work-in-progress, Delphys Rising, some of my research is a little further out on the spectrum of what might be considered “suspicious” by the Big Brothers that might be watching. The slightly crazier research has included the geography of North Korea, North Korean military installations (locations and type), North Korean submarines and North Korean missile programs.


Stop the killingFor Delphys Rising I’ve also done extensive research on Japanese whaling, the dolphin/small whale drive hunts in Taiji, Japan and the Faroe Islands as well as the animal rights protesters addressing those hunts. And, while I don’t consider most of these protesters “eco-terrorists,” my plot required me to look into groups that are considered that radical.

But, not all research is the kind that might draw the attention or red flags of those patrolling the internet–not unless their warped agenda is against underwater births, Hawaiian voyaging canoes and navigation, humpback whale songs, spinner dolphins, wind power or sensory deprivation/float tanks.

Of course writing this little blog (as well as the sticky note on my desk) just reminded me that I need to clarify some historical details about the use of Midway Atoll–the remote Pacific Ocean location featured in Delphys Rising. So, back to Googling I go.





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