Putting it all into the sequel

DCIM108GOPROAfter returning from my paddling event in Chattanooga, I noticed that it had been some time since my last blog post. Bad Kip.

Honestly, I’ve been putting all of my writing efforts of late into my follow-up of Wendall’s Lullaby. I’ve got just over 20,000 words down and the story is starting to take shape nicely. While I have a very general outline down on paper, notes on my legal pads and post-its with ideas, themes and characters across the top of my desk, I am also somewhat of an organic writer. As I flesh out the actual story the connections and action grow and later become even clearer. Sometimes (as happened in my first novel) even the crux of the story comes to me that way.

manuscript and penYesterday I spent time editing the hard copy I had taken to Chattanooga and hoped to work on during my trip. It didn’t happen during the trip, but it was a great way to refocus and inspire me to move forward. And today I had a very productive day of writing.

The working title for the sequel is Delphys Rising. I’ll leave it at that for now.

~ by kipwkoelsch on November 2, 2017.

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