Dolphin Towne, Tortola, BVI

Marine life background - jumping dolphins, glowing sunsetOne of my favorite locations in Wendall’s Lullaby is the New Age, swim-with-the-dolphins resort founded by media heir Jasmine Summers.

When a hurricane left the infrastructure of Tortola’s original, hotel-based swim-with-the-dolphins program too damaged for the ownership to afford repairs, Jasmine stepped in to keep the dolphins on the island. What she eventually created with her family money was a (somewhat) ecologically designed resort meant to provide more natural space for the dolphins and a more spiritual experiences for her guests.

I had the pleasure of visiting the island of Tortola twice–once for several days during the Expedition BVI adventure race and later for one day while on a cruise. Both times, I visited some of the locations mentioned in the novel. I’m always regretful that while I did visit the Bomba Shack, my timing wasn’t right for one of their famous full moon parties. Regardless, I got a great feel for the landscape and the people and would welcome any opportunity to return.

I encourage everyone to visit Tortola and the other islands of the British Virgin Islands.

And, if you are interested in reading Wendall’s Lullaby, visit my author page on Amazon.


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One Response to “Dolphin Towne, Tortola, BVI”

  1. In Wendall’s Lullaby, Dolphin Towne is left in disarray. Adam has left and is presumed dead. Jasmine’s beloved dolphin, Bee, has been released into the wild. And, the resort’s high-tech computer system has been destroyed.

    In the follow-up novel I’m currently working on, we’ll return to Dolphin Towne as the location of some major action. Stay tuned!

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