What would you do if it appeared that paying $139.99 would seem to exponentially increase your chances of winning $2 million? What if you received three solicitations from the same Award Notification Commission (ANC) on the same day? Well, if you are elderly you might have sent some scamming scumbags in Kansas City, KS a total of $229.87 (that’s including two $3 “Rush Processing” charges).

Many of the so-called “sweepstakes” and “award notification commissions” scam the elderly by requiring an up-front fee for “premium offer delivery.” They also state that this fee is “mandatory” and “not an option.”SWEEPSTAKES 3

The forceful and manipulative language used by these fraudulent award notification commissions is purposely misleading the elderly into mailing them thousands of dollars.


Sure, there is a disclaimer: “No purchase necessary. Purchase will not increase chance of winning.” But, that still doesn’t seem to trump the prevalent use of forceful language (“MANADATORY” and “REQUIREMENT”) in the minds of the elderly (especially those with even mild cognitive challenges).


Legitimate sweepstakes (if such a thing truly exists) do not require any payment upfront–not for “special processing,” “disbursement fees,” or “taxes.”

So, what do the elderly get for the money they send the sweepstakes scammers?

  • Divine Four Leaf Clover Pendant on an 18″ Gold Tone Necklace
  • Genuine Pink Tourmaline Pendant
  • Sparkling-citrine Coloured Crystal Pendant
  • MORE mail solicitations

THEY GET JUNK. They get a smaller bank account. And, of course, they get no increased chance of winning $2 million.

If you see your parents or grandparents receiving anything like the “sweepstakes” offers here–help them now! Examine the letters. Examine their checkbooks. Don’t think that this is nothing. If they are receiving any offers, if they are receiving multiple offers, there is a good chance they have already sent money to these scammers. Help them stop now.






~ by kipwkoelsch on March 29, 2017.

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