MOVE A LITTLE…everyday.

sissy squatThe two-weeks prior to an event are almost always a struggle for me–a struggle to balance workouts with the last minute preparations for producing an event for over 800 participants. And, being the type that loves long, grinding workouts, that becomes quite a challenge.

A few days ago, I actually clicked on a link from someone’s post on Facebook and read this article from Outside Magazine. The article made me realize that sometimes I need to sacrifice my love of those long endurance workouts and just move a little everyday–that it’s okay if my workout isn’t one that’s worthy of a cool name or a Facebook post or a blog entry (though I’m doing that anyway!).


This was a short workout, but my day is already going so much better because I moved my body a little.

4 times through:

  1. Concept2 Rower: 1 minute
  2. Pull-ups
  3. Kettlebell Thrusters
  4. Bench Press

3 times through:

  1. Crossover Rows (on ball)
  2. Bodyweight Sissy Squats
  3. Side Lateral Raises (on Bosu)

3 times through:

  1. Crossover Reverse Fly
  2. Kettlebell Curls
  3. Triceps Pulldowns

~ by kipwkoelsch on September 5, 2016.

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