Chipping Away…new title?

So, I AM managing to chip away (sometimes only a few sentences at a sitting) at my rewrite of The Built-in Smile. I am getting it done and hoping that during one of my sessions my fingers will fly across the keys like Mozart. I remember THAT feeling when I was first writing the book–and, I want it back!

One of the items I’ll be struggling with shortly is the title. When I started the book, the title–The Built-in Smile–based on an old quote from Jacques Cousteau, seemed right. Here is the quote:

What is it that makes us like dolphins so much?

Because they have a built in smile that has nothing to do with smiling.

–Jacques Yves Cousteau, E Magazine, 1996

But, since that time the story has evolved and the title really doesn’t convey much about the story itself–hence, the ensuing dilemma.

~ by kipwkoelsch on January 16, 2010.

One Response to “Chipping Away…new title?”

  1. I did some great work on the first chapter of the novel today. Everytime I get to do something substantial to the text, I smile because I know it is good enough to be in your page-turning hands.

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