Wendall’s Lullaby

In Wendall’s Lullaby, hundreds of bottlenose dolphins have mysteriously beached themselves in Galveston, Texas, and Dr. Angela Clarke is ordered to deal with the unprecedented event personally. Fresh off testifying at a Congressional hearing where she debunked claims of dolphin mortalities linked to human causes, the by-the-book US National Director for Marine Mammal Health and Stranding jets to Texas determined that her investigative approach will methodically discover the source of the tragedy.


When more animals hit the beach in Virginia and an unusually large group of dolphins is spotted massing in the waters of Tampa Bay, Dr. Clarke tangles with the national security plans of THE FEW–an intimate group of former military men that has infiltrated key positions within the government and orchestrated her appointment. Once on site in Tampa, Dr. Clarke and her South African beau must confront the plans of a retired rear admiral bent on protecting the top secret project he sees as a lasting tribute to his dead son. She must sort through the conspiratorial rants of her ex-lover, the innocent insight of a 12-year old boy and the genius of a washed-out MIT grad student to save a charismatic species loved for its built-in smile.










~ by kipwkoelsch on March 25, 2009.

One Response to “Wendall’s Lullaby”

  1. Great plot lines. Can’t wait to read a hardback copy … and more on this blog. Blog away Kip!

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